“Top Half Posting” Females

Not too long ago a man on twitter Eskimo Jay @Starpowerxcv tweeted this photo of a woman (twitter handle @_illestCee) saying,


“Never trust a top half ass posting female lmfao”

Insinuating that this woman was pretty only when you see her face but Mr. @Starpowerxcv felt tricked because she then posted a photo of her full body. Obviously, she is no longer pretty because she is a bigger girl, right? HELL NO!

And tricking people? Come on! If she was not comfortable with her body or if her intention was to “trick” people she would have never tweeted the photo on the left. But let us go back to the idea of tricking. So the original thought is “This girl is so beautiful. If she is beautiful she must be thin.” Why is that? Being thin doesn’t automatically make you beautiful just like being big doesn’t automatically make you ugly.
Anyways this girl is stunning in BOTH photos! Don’t take my word for it take actress/model/singer Zendaya who wasn’t for @Starpowerxcv attempt at a public humiliation of @_illestCee.
Needless to say, @_illestCee received a modeling contract with Zendaya. SUCK ON THAT @Starpowerxcv!

A friend mentioned me not too long ago that I post a lot of photos of my top half. Now she is a good friend of mine and she happens to be thin but I don’t think she meant to be mean when mentioning her discovery to me. On my Instagram I do have full body photos but a lot of selfie photos. Why you ask? Well, I think most “top half posting females” whether they are big or small probably feel the same way, we know how to take our own photos. Some angles I find more flattering than others. Most of my friends do not have my body type so having them take photos of me usually doesn’t work out. A lot of my full body photos happen in front of a mirror. My lack of full body photos doesn’t mean I am hiding my thickness. Who do I need to prove that I pretty? Who says we are taking selfies for men or that we are trying to trick them? Either way, the same men who go online talking hate towards big women are usually the same men who double tap my photos.

Enjoy that tea.


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