Thick is not for GMO Women

Here is Kylie Jenner’s new clothing line.

Let me say this for the people in the back:



For the same reason why men want to talk about thick women but they don’t understand what comes with the whole package big arms, chunky waist. This fake thickness trend gots ta go. My thickness is hated on, criticized and shamed but I wear my title Thick with pride now Ms. Silicone wanna take the word?

Not too long ago I expressed my feelings to a friend and she said this,

“Yes, there is a pervasive issue with selectiveness of beauty in mainstream media. However, criticizing another woman’s body due to her making modifications is a necessary method to draw attention to these problems. Why hate on other women when they too are facing criticism left, right for their body in another way?”

I am criticizing her capitalizing on a term that does not belong to her. She has been capitalizing time after time again on misappropriation, specifically when it comes to women of Color. This girl is not for the improvement or empowerment of women just the capitalization of marginalized women. I will include big women in marginalization because fatphobia is a thing.

I ruffled someone else’s feathers and he had to say this to me,

“So now we’re attacking women who have body modifications? That doesn’t make any sense. Mad black celebrities claim they thick but only got thick because of body enhancements. I am always on the side defending PoC obviously but this is dragging it. Like calling her sink ass and all this shit is mad abusive like if she not a person. I ain’t saying this girl an angel either but I don’t see her going out attacking black women verbally and shit

What I am “attacking” is the fact that she made those modifications to her body and is trying to claim the word thick. When women who have these bodies naturally and yes I will point out that women of Color who tend to have these certain features are singled out, bullied and are criticized for it. Thick is a word for full figured women to claim. We have been ridiculed for being fat their whole lives. Thick is a word to celebrate full-figuredness. Kylie Jenner is what we call a “culture vulture”. She takes culture and capitalizes on it. She may have not said “fuck Black women” but from the look she creates, the ads she does, and the words she takes is saying “I will take your culture and capitalize on it because my privilege will allow me to do this easily.”


As I said before she is not for the improvement or empowerment of women. Hardly if ever she speaks openly about the support for women or Black women, but she damn sure will use them in props for photo shoots. This is altering the term thick. She distorts the image. That thick does not mean big arms, thick thighs, chubby waist no it now her. Fatphobia is a thing and to claim and to make money off a term she clearly is not is shunning the women who have used this word to empower themselves and their big voluptuous bodies.

Cardi B is a perfect example of a woman of Color who is very open with her body modifications and talks a lot about how everyone should love their bodies, while Kylie is silent on the matter.

How could this clothing line campaign be better?

(Addressing Kylie) You wanna be the face mama? Okay girl, be the face but release photos with other models with different body types as well. Thick is a word to be celebrated not profited from.


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