Don’t Call Yourself Fat Around Me

Nothing grinds my gears more than thin friends calling themselves fat around me. I call myself fat not to bring myself down but it is just a sheer fact of life. I can be beautiful and fat/big/thick at the same time. Friends who love me call themselves fat but in a way to put themselves down puts me in an awkward position, there’s an elephant in the room (bad pun I know). You tell me how great I am but after you eat you become a  “cow” and can’t survive because of how “fat” you are. You are not fat, you just ate something.

Please check all that applies to you:
If you are below a size 12
If your man can pick you up
If you never been in your thinner friends’ shadow
If you never been in someone’s shadow
If you never dealt with the fact that you weren’t getting attention because you were fat
If you never asked yourself “Does he like fat girls?”
If you only notice your food baby after you eat
If no one has assumed that you were pregnant
If you don’t have a pouch
If your family has never tried to put you on a diet
If you never been bullied for being fat
If you couldn’t shop at a store cause they don’t go up to your size
If your BMI doesn’t say obese
If you are under 200 pounds

If you said “yes” to most of these then don’t call yourself fat.
If you call yourself fat in a negative way don’t bother calling me beautiful.


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