More Life. More Appropriation?


Drake came out with his awaited album More LifeMore Life is a 22 track album that released on March 18th this past Saturday. The way I judge an album I have to do a couple of things:
1. Listen to the whole album straight through. I try not to take any breaks and sit down and listen to whole thing.
2. NEVER LISTEN TO THE ALBUM ON SHUFFLE. Listening to an album on shuffle first time through is like eating a kit-kat like a regular candy bar without breaking the sticks first. It is just wrong.
3. Take a break and listen to it again. I almost never like album the first listen through. I listen to it straight through the 1st time and the second time I listen to it casually.

I did my weird formula with Drake’s album More Life and my second time around, I loved it.


There are some real smooth island type vibes on this album. I lived in London for half a year in 2016 and I definitely hear the UK influences on the album. Of course you got UK big names like Skepta and you also have Giggs. I appreciate how Drake is attempting to diversify UK radio. The US focuses more on our own music while the rest of the world will listen to us. I am not sure if Skepta will be a household name in the US like he is UK (I am not big into grime so don’t ask me).


Personally I am not a big fan of UK rap, there accent gives them a weird flow, a lot of their lines I think are really corny like Lady Leshurr, and they have gun regulation and universal healthcare so we could never take them seriously. I also really liked how the album flowed. At the end of each song lead into the next and so on and so on. Big ups to Drake but here is what I didn’t like.

The accent.

Drake’s father is African-American and his mother is Jewish. Drake grew up in Canada. He is not the Caribbean. Drake has recently been very influenced by Caribbean descendent artists and you hear that Caribbean vibe in his music but he now added it in his songs. I am sorry but you can’t say “tings” and then switch to “things” in the same song. You can’t just wear someone else’s culture when you feel like it. If Drake were White his fake accent would not fly. Everyone would scream culture appropriation but I guess since he is Black we ignored it. He has worked with a lot of Caribbean descendent artists but none of them have openly checked him. Listen, I am Puerto Rican and Dominican (the Caribbean) but I am not about to start talking in patois because that is not from my culture.

I am down with the album, just not the appropriation.


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