The Face of Shea Moisture?

So Shea Moisture tried it the other day.
giphy (2)

Shea Moisture is a Black found hair care company whose target has been Black women and their hair. For my curly hair peeps I know you own their products. You don’t want to see the 10 bottles of shea moisture shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, edge control and repair serum and so on. Now my curl type is nowhere near a 4c curl but I know my friends who are Black women with curlier hair find it difficult to find good products for my hair. For myself, I live shea moisture because for a long time I hated my curls and straightened my hair every day. I have been trying to bring my curl pattern back to life with a Black own product that doesn’t use too much alcohol in their ingredients. It is no secret that Black women trust and use shea moisture product but sure enough they came out with this viedo:

There was only one woman of Color in the whole video. Shea Moisture, KNOW YOUR BRAND. Your products largely used by Black women and we are loyal to the brand! In addition this one woman of Color doesn’t have anything near a 4a curl. This woman has probably a 3b curl pattern. Also there is an elimination of dark skin women. Come on! This brand was created by African immigrants in Harlem!

Speaking about Blackness, lets get to it. So White women are now the face of Shea Moisture?
giphy (3)
I mean I have seen some White women with some curly hair but they chose 2 straight hair red heads and a blonde. In the video the red heads were complaining about their hair. Whoa, whoa, whoa, back it all the way up!
giphy (4)

We can not compare the struggle of Black women and hair to the issues White women and their blonde or red hair. The movement of Black women embracing their hair in their natural state doesn’t need to involve White women. Black women have been historically been discriminated for their hair. There were laws in America to even have their hair covered! This is not to be compared to whatever the woes are to White women and their blonde or red hair.
Shea Moisture pulled a “Pepsi” for sure! Shea Moisture also sent out an apology:
Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 7.12.23 PM.png
Here is the full apology:
“Wow, okay – so guys, listen, we really f-ed this one up. Please know that our intention was not – and would never be – to disrespect our community, and as such, we are pulling this piece immediately because it does not represent what we intended to communicate. You guys know that we have always stood for inclusion in beauty and have always fought for our community and given them credit for not just building our business but for shifting the beauty landscape. So, the feedback we are seeing here brings to light a very important point. While this campaign included several different videos showing different ethnicities and hair types to demonstrate the breadth and depth of each individual’s hair journey, we must absolutely ensure moving forward that our community is well-represented in each one so that the women who have led this movement never feel that their hair journey is minimized in any way. We are keenly aware of the journey that WOC face – and our work will continue to serve as the inspiration for work like the Perception Institute’s Good Hair Study/Implicit Association Test that suggests that a majority of people, regardless of race and gender, hold some bias towards women of color based on their textured or natural hair. So, you’re right. We are different – and we should know better.
Thank you all, as always, for the honest and candid feedback. We hear you. We’re listening. We appreciate you. We count on you. And we’re always here for you. Thank you, #SheaFam, for being there for us, even when we make mistakes. Here’s to growing and building together…”

Y’all accept this apology? Will you use the products still? I still have a bunch of bottles that I am not planning on throwing out just because that is money but what about you?


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