Queen of the week: Auntie Rep. Maxine Waters

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You got to know Auntie Rep. Maxine Waters by now?
House Representative for California’s 43rd district Maxine Waters has been around for a while. She has been serving since 1991. Recently I watched a documentary recognizing the 25th anniversary of the LA Riots and sure enough, you see Maxine Waters doing her best to take care of business. Here is a press conference with Rep. Waters speaking out against the acquittal of the four police officers that brutally beat Rodney King (Waters only speaks for the first six minutes):

Rep. Maxine Waters got her recent claim to fame on social media due to her press conference after the debrief on Russia’s hacking involving the 2016 election.


Her candor and sass are screaming auntie! When she starts the whole press conference she begins with: “What is it? What do you want?” It doesn’t sound like a press conference more like my mama or auntie getting frustrated with me. Then when Rep. Waters says the FBI director has no credibility she says it unapologetically.
To me, I feel that millennials are attracted to her because of her authenticity. She is telling like it is and is not hiding behind a politicians masks. Especially during the past election cycle, we need more honest people like her.
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Speaking about how Auntie Maxine don’t give a shit, Rep. Waters has made it loud and clear about her disdain for Donald Trump. She actively calls for his impeachment. Not too long Rep. Waters spoke on the congressional floor and was making a speech,

“We have suffered discrimination. We have suffered isolation and undermining,” Waters said. “But we stand up for America, often times when others who think they are more patriotic, who say they are more patriotic, do not.”
“When we fight against this president and we point out how dangerous he is for this society and for this country, we’re fighting for the democracy. We’re fighting for America,” Waters continued. “We’re saying to those who say they’re patriotic, but they turned a blind eye to the destruction he’s about to cause this country: ‘You’re not nearly as patriotic as we are.’ ”
Bill O’Reilly then said on a FOX news show, “I — I didn’t hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig.”
Rep. Waters response had all Black women punching the air
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And sure enough FBI director Comey has another hearing and Bill O’Reilly has been fired from his job (unrelated to his comments about Maxine Waters)

Rep. Maxine Waters stay winning.
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